7 Things I’ve Given Up in My 20s

Barcelona, 2020

Hair straighteners

I think the last time I straightened my hair I was probably 22. Why I hid my curls for so many years still baffles me. Natural hair is full of personality, life, and charm. It sets us apart in a way.

Meaningless friendships

That sounds a bit harsh, but it’s something I’ve given up in my 20s. I’m done pretending to get along with people who aren’t healthy to my life. I’m done with mundane, lackluster conversations about basic bull$%^&.

Aluminum-based deodorant & more

Aluminum-based antiperspirants have a link to breast cancer, which runs in my family, but beyond that it’s straight up unnatural and has become a major no thanks in my 20s. Instead, I’ve switched to natural alternatives. Did you know it’s even quite simple to make your own?


Wired bras and padded bras have all gone bye-bye. Luckily, I’ve got small boobs and going braless is completely comfortable for me.

The concept of the American Dream

By the way, what even is that!? We are brainwashed to believe all our lives should reflect the lives of those who surround out. Why? Because it helps the economy and fits the American narrative.

The definition of home


My safety shell

I just made this phrase up; I don’t know if it exists. This safety shell in where I hid myself for years and years in an attempt to not get hurt. I hid my true self for a long time, only revealing larger fractions of myself to friends who got me on a certain level. But even then, the shell was still intact.

Freelance writer, solo traveler & sustainable explorer. http://christaadams.com

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