15 Simple Ways to Save Money for Travel

he thing about travel is that a lot of people believe they don’t have the means or the money to do it. The idea that travel is too expensive is out the window with the help of budget airlines, cheap buses and railcards, and plenty of options for cheap accommodation like hostels, Airbnb, and even Couchsurfing. But I won’t lie, planning a big trip abroad may usually require a bit of budgeting and planning. That’s why I’m sharing 15 ways to save money for travel so you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

1. Sell your used clothes.

Apps like Poshmark and Depop are making it all the more easy to sell your used goodies. From brand name shoes to vintage pieces, these apps have simplified selling your clothes online. It’s a win win because you’re not only going all KonMari on your bedroom but you’re also saving for travel!

Other alternatives are Ebay, hosting a garage sale, selling used clothes at flea markets, or selling to shops like Plato’s Closet.

Using Poshmark to sell clothes I wore throughout college, I made $365.30! Not bad.

2. Teach English online.

Did you know you can make up to $26 an hour teaching English online? (sometimes more!) Besides that, it’s super easy. The company plans all the lessons for you. You just log on, turn on your camera, and teach kiddos all the way in China! This is one of my steady income streams because I can also do it while I travel, which is quite the added bonus.

Want to know more about teaching English online? Click my article here!

3. Get money back from your grocery shopping.

Don’t throw away your receipts! Save them and get money back with Ibotta. I loved using this after grocery shopping, and bonus because you can also use with a lot of online shopping sites! You just have to click through the app to the website. Getting money back for things you already buy is pretty cool.

I haven’t had the chance to use it as much since I moved out of the US, but I made $81.95 with from Nov 2016 to April 2017. That extra money when straight to my travel fund.

4. Sell your skills on Fiverr and Upwork.

Can you write, code, design graphics, edit photos, help with social media, and more? If so, check out Fiverr and Upwork and gain experience working with clients and making some mighty fine side income.

5. Buy less clothes.

You don’t need another $85 dress. Save that money for something fun abroad like snorkeling or trekking in the desert.

6. Cut down your utility bill.

Turning down your AC, keeping it off when it’s not necessary, and cutting your shower time will save you some extra money every month that you can go ahead and slide over to your travel fund! Plus, it’s a more sustainable way of living.

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Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

7. Eat out less.

Instead of eating out with your friends or significant other, pitch in for dinner nights together at your place. It’ll be a lot cheaper and far more cozy! Plus, it means more money for delicious French wine abroad.

8. Commit.

The only way to truly keep the extra money you make and not feel obligated to spend it is to be committed to traveling. Whether you need to keep a money jar, set up a travel savings account, or have a dedicated friend sending you weekly “Save for travel! Stop buying fancy martinis and shopping online in your spare time” messages. Do what you gotta do.

If you really want to travel, commit to it and prioritize it.

9. Write articles on Listverse.

Like making lists of top 10 things? Share your lists on Listverse and you’ll get $100 if it’s published. It can be anything like “Top 10 Drinking Cities in Europe” or “10 Weird Things People Eat Around the World.” Your options are limitless, but you do need write around 1,800 words for it to get published.

10. Skip the hair and nail salon.

Do you really need that new manicure? Probably not! The price of that manicure could instead pay for an entire day of budget travel!

11. Count your coins.

We’ve all got a jar somewhere with spare change in it. Keep accumulating spare change and once it’s closer to your trip, take your jar to a Coinstar machine and exchange them for bills. Especially if you’re a server or bartender, you can rack up small change pretty quickly.

I’ve gotten at least $100 from “spare change” before.

12. Tutor kids after school.

Are you really good at math, speak another language, or have great writing skills? Tutor kids after school. Whether it’s SAT prep or simply helping with homework, parents are always looking for tutors to help their kids excel. It’s a rewarding way to save money for travel.

13. List a room in your house.

Do you have a spare bedroom? Rent it out on websites like Airbnb. You can make some serious extra cash if you live in desirable areas.

14. Walk dogs for cash.

If you’re a dog lover, this is the side gig for you. Websites like Wag Walking and Rover connect dog walkers with owners. What a fun way to make some extra money for travel!

15. Become a virtual assistant.

Are you organized? You could help clients and businesses with their bookkeeping, graphic design, blog editing, proofreading, social media, and so much more. It’s a great way to make extra money and save money for travel. Try Upwork, Freelancer, and even Indeed for opportunities.

And there we have it! Which of these 15 ways to save money for travel are you going to try?

Freelance writer, solo traveler & sustainable explorer. http://christaadams.com

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